Cabo Cold Shoulder

February 15, 2017

When I think resort wear I always picture colorful and whimsical. You saw both of those things in my first outfit from Cabo and they're represented again in today's post too! When I was browsing around ASOS for this trip I saw this pleated cold shoulder dress and knew I had to have it but was worried it wouldn't be available in my size, as the best things on ASOS are often picked over. Lo and behold it was and still is available in every size! So I compel you to run not walk to buy this dress ladies! I absolutely adore the color and the fun sleeves and just imagine it on someone with a tan 😍(that ain't me). It also comes in green if that's more your style. The embellished floral sandals are just an added bonus ;) 

 Dress: ASOS. Shoes: ASOS. Clutch: Coach (similar). Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Unfortunately it wasn't very hot when we were in Cabo (low-mid 70s) so I didn't get to wear this dress for very long. Can't wait until it warms up here in Cali so I can pull her out!

Hope you had a good (and love filled) Valentine's Day! I had volleyball last night so there were no big plans on our end.

xo Catherine

Fun fact: Louie and I wake Mark up every morning. Lou gets out of bed with me when I get up at 6:00 and he lounges around and chews on his bone while I get ready and then once I'm done and about to leave it's time to wake up Mark. So I say "Do you want to wake up Markie?" to Louie and he loses his shit. This dog is totally stone faced when I ask if he wants a treat or to go for a walk, but if it's "Do you want to wake up Markie?" he is full speed ahead. He runs to the bedroom door and does a couple of spins before I let him in and then he jumps all over Mark to wake him up, which I know he loves ;) who wouldn't want to me awoken by puppy pounces? 

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