My Lash Routine + NeuLash Review

April 7, 2017

I mentioned all of these products in my Recent Beauty Favorites post from a few months ago but I wanted to give them their own post so that you could see a more in-depth look at my lash routine. I was home in MN a few weeks ago and was asked several times if I'd had lash extensions or if I was wearing false lashes since people hadn't seen me in a while. That's #winning my friends. This combination of three products has truly changed my eyelash game for the better!

Step 1 is using Neulash every night. The directions say to use it every morning and night but it's rather expensive so I prefer to only use it at night so I don't have to buy it as often. I have found it cheaper on Amazon and Overstock than your typical beauty stores. Anyway, this is hands down the most important step for beautiful long lashes. I have fairly short lashes naturally so I using Neulash has grown them out to a normal length and then the mascaras I use really bring it home. I've been using Neulash for about six months and it probably took me two months before I really saw good results.
Forgive the poor photo quality. I hadn't planned on doing before and after pictures for the blog. I took the before just for my own comparison. You can see that for me it lengthened and thickened my eyelashes! I know I was a little confused about how to apply it but you really just put it on as if it were eyeliner. For me, it's 100% worth the cost because I wear such little makeup so having standout lashes really makes all the difference and allows me to wear less makeup but still have defined features. I'd definitely recommend! Here are some more pictures of the after and no I'm not wearing mascara or eyeliner in these pictures!

Step 2 is L'Oreal's Double Extend Mascara primer. I only use the primer from this mascara duo and it does make a ton of difference to wear underneath my regular mascara. It lengthens and thickens my lashes. 
I only use the primer on my top lashes. I actually didn't even wear mascara at all on my bottom lashes until recently because it started to look pretty stark how different top and bottom looked. I just don't like too much on the bottom lashes because I don't want it to look spidery. 

The final step is Covergirl's LashBlast Clump Crusher in black. I sung this mascara's praises in January's beauty post so you can read all about it there but it really is the best drugstore mascara I've ever tried!
I mean you guys I feel like this is such an insane difference. The photo on the right is from last October, right before I started using Neulash. I was using the L'Oreal primer and a different Covergirl mascara at the time. So I do think Neulash plays the biggest part but I really do believe it's a combination of all three steps that gives the desired result. 

I'm so so so happy with all three products and could not recommend them more! Let me know if you have any questions!

xo Catherine 

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  1. Very very beautiful!! I must say that I have always been dreaming about the eyelashes like yours... Till I took a course of Cherish Lash serum! It's a happiness to have long eyelashes! But you also look very sweet in general)) Thank you!! A great post


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