Things I Like Vol. 2

April 5, 2017

 There was such a positive response to last week's Things I Like post that I decided to try it out as a weekly series! Would love to hear from you guys to see if this is something you want to continue to see! Without further ado, here's what I like this week...

Iceland! Okay, I know this is from last week but it's particularly relevant as it was just Equal Pay Day. Anyway, if you didn't hear Iceland introduced a bill that would require employers to prove that they're paying men and women the same amount. It looks like it's got the support to pass too! Let's hope other countries take note.

Big Little Lies. Did you watch/have you been watching this series? I wasn't able to watch the finale Sunday (I read the book though so I think I know how it ends) but I've been loving it so far. I want to plan a day trip down to Monterey after watching. My absolute favorite part is the scenery and the amazing real estate. This article fills you in on all of the houses used in the show, where they're actually located and how much they cost. 

S-Town. I didn't even know this podcast by the people behind Serial and This American Life was coming out but was pleasantly surprised to find it when I was browsing for a one to listen to while walking the dog over the weekend. I'm only two episodes in and I'm enthralled.

James Cordon as Belle singing and dancing in the streets of LA. My aunt shared this on Facebook the other day and it seriously made my day and made me LOL so much­čśé

Pinterest's most popular wedding trends of 2017 so far. I have been trying to use Pinterest as a source of inspiration when wedding planning but have been wary about not wanting our wedding to look too"Pinteresty." This article is a fun read and I'm happy to say that I'm not being too trendy with my plans ;)

Hamilton: The Revolution. I bought this book a month or two ago not realizing it's coffee table sized as opposed to a normal novel. So I never really found time to read it since I couldn't easily bring it with me on the bus but I've now made it a priority since I'm seeing the musical in a few short weeks! I've been loving all of the context about the show from how certain characters were cast to why Lin chose to use one word versus another. 

Stuart Weitzman OTK boots on sale. I know they're still outrageously priced but if you've ever wanted a pair they're on sale for 25% off!

Happy Wednesday friends!
xo Catherine 

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