Things I Like Vol. 5

April 26, 2017

Okay I'm biased but isn't Louie just the most precious thing you've ever seen? ;) How are you guys doing? I've really been dragging this week. Not entirely sure why though as I've been getting as much sleep as I normally do. Anyway, something exciting is happening tonight so that should perk me right up. I'm going to see Hamilton in SF! Mark isn't really into musicals and I knew that none of my friends would want to spend the money on a ticket so I just bought one and am taking myself out on a little date tonight. I am meeting a friend in the city for dinner beforehand too so that should be fun. I rarely go out on weeknights so I'm sure tomorrow will be rough, but worth it!

Anyway, on to why you're here today...

Ever wonder what happens if someone actually says they object at a wedding? Here are some stories from people who were there when it happened. 

I love Netflix (and all of the other many streaming services) as much as the next girl but sometimes you just don't feel like staring at a screen but still want to stay home. Just me? Well The Everygirl has you covered if you're in the same boat with some recs for what to do at home without Netflix. 

A hilarious letter from "the founder of Starbucks" begging you to stop buying the Unicorn Frappuccino. So funny. Have you tried one? I probably won't because it looks a little repulsive to me.

This is pretty crazy/genius: a guy in New York gets paid to wait in lines for people all day. I shouldn't really be surprised that this service exists, but it's still interesting. 

So awesome: 11,000 women have expressed interest in running for office since Trump took office, which is up from 900 in 2016. Let's go ladies!

Remember this post from a few weeks ago with the lovely lace LWD that I was thinking about wearing for my next bridal shower? Well the strap broke on that dress so I ended up having to return it. Womp womp. Now I'm on the lookout for another LWD and here are a couple faves: one/two/three/four.

Short and sweet today guys because I've just gotta get through it so I can go see Hamilton! So so so excited.

xo Catherine

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