Things I Like Vol. 4

April 19, 2017

Happy Wednesday! It's that time again so let's just dive right in, shall we? Here are some things I like this week...

Obama is an Instagram Husband 😂 this seriously made my week!

Snacks to eat before and after workouts. Don't hate me for posting something fitness related! I never know what's the best thing to eat pre and post workout so this roundup of suggestions from trainers is really helpful.

How to deal with someone who doesn't like you. We all just want to be liked, right? It's human nature, and yet you can't please everyone. This article has some great tips for coming to terms with a person you just don't click with. 

What exactly is matcha and why is it so great? Have you ever wondered that? Me too! As a non-coffee drinker I feel particularly in the dark on this one so this was an enlightening read. 

This marine who ran the entire Boston Marathon with an American flag. Pretty phenomenal. 

Drinking spearmint tea can help with acne. I know, right! I saw someone I follow on Instagram mention this (and she has great skin) and then had to do a little digging for myself. Obviously we all want glowing skin and this seems like a pretty easy thing to add to your routine. Here's a full list of the benefits, it's pretty astounding. I may or may not have already bought some spearmint tea :) 

Speaking of skincare, I really loved Ashley's post on how she takes care of her skin while on vacation. I know that I tend to breakout whenever I fly so I'm loving her tips!

Hope your week is going great, friends! It's been a busy one work-wise around these parts but otherwise just your average week. Looking forward to the weekend as always!
xo Catherine

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