Things I Like Vol. 33

December 6, 2017

Happy Wednesday! I've been feeling kind of blah lately...not sure what the reason is. I think I'm just itching to go home for Christmas! I've never really gotten used to winter here in California. I know most people would be thrilled with the "winter" that we have but it's just never felt right to me. #picky I was so excited to hear that it snowed in Minnesota yesterday so I'm hoping it's a white Christmas! These things are helping to cheer me as well, so let's check 'em out!

1. Not sure why but this family's Christmas card made me laugh so hard. 

2. What your fears say about you. Apparently I'm a leader.

3. We were just talking about the Mandela affect at work the other day, which I'd never heard of. So I did some research about it and came across this Buzzfeed article with examples. There were so many I totally believed like the Snow White quotes. Such a crazy phenomenon. 

4. So so so excited about these booties that I just ordered. I had ordered them on Black Friday but the size was a little off so I'm patiently waiting for my new size. I really loved them and I'm so picky when it comes to boots so I hope I still love them in the right size too!

5. Anyone else watched A Christmas Prince on Netflix? 😂 It's so bad. It's basically Netflix's equivalent of a Hallmark movie. Anyway, I thought this article with a compilation of tweets about the movie was pretty hilarious. I'm not normally into the Hallmark-y type movies but have been wanting to watch them for some reason this year. 

6. Okay, so who else loves Meghan Markle now? I'd never really heard of her until a month or so ago when I found out she and Prince Harry were dating. Now that they've announced their engagement I'm so excited and keep watching her speeches and interviews. This one is so inspiring and makes me like her even more! I really want to watch Suits now too. Has anyone watched it?

Hope the rest of your week goes well!
xo Catherine 

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