2017 In Review

December 31, 2017

photo by Gina Zeidler
2017 was easily my best year personally. Not so much when it came to the state of the world but despite the constant barrage of bad news I had a pretty fantastic year. Let's dive into some of the highlights, shall we? Here they are in no particular order:

1. Traveled to Cabo in February with my mom and sister for a girl's trip. Mexico is becoming one of my favorite countries. The people are so nice and fun, the ocean is beautiful and warm, the food is one of my favorites and...margaritas. Need I say more? :) See my Cabo travel guide here
2. Read 34 books. I always want to read more but am pretty happy with crossing 34 books off my list this year. My reading list is ever-growing but currently has 93 books on it. I've got some work to do in 2018! You can see my book reviews here
3. Traveled home to Minneapolis several times for wedding planning and bridal showers. I went home three times leading up to our wedding in 2017. I loved being home that often and getting to see family and friends every couple of months. I also had two fabulous bridal showers thrown by both my family and Mark's family. See bridal shower one here and two here
4. I saw Hamilton! I went up to SF to see Hamilton in April by myself because tickets were so expensive. It was so fun to finally see it and although it was kind of weird to go alone and not have someone to discuss with afterwards it was still a lot of fun.
5. Had my Bachelorette party in Napa. This was definitely one of my favorite memories of 2017. I loved having all of my girlfriends together to drink good wine and enjoy beautiful Napa. See the full post here
6. Took round two of engagement photos. We took some in SF the month after we got engaged because that's where we got engaged but then we shot some in MN with our actual wedding photographer. After that I knew for sure we'd made the right decision in picking her because she was awesome and the photos turned out so well. See more photos here. Photo by Gina Zeidler
7. Got married!! Hands down the best part of 2017. Our wedding was just the best. Everything turned out so well and we felt all of the love that day. I had the absolute best time planning our wedding. I'm obsessed with our photos and one of my goals for 2018 is to tackle making an album. See more wedding content here. Photo by Gina Zeidler
8. Honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta. I miss being here every day. It was just the best week of total relaxation in such a gorgeous place. Like I mentioned before, Mexico is becoming one of my favorite places and hopefully we can go back. Maybe for our one year anniversary? ;) See the full honeymoon post here
9. Spent our first Thanksgiving away from home as a married couple. This one was kind of bittersweet but it did feel special to spend our first major holiday just the two of us after our wedding. Pretty proud of how dinner (and that pie) turned out too! 
10. Spent our first Christmas together. We've been together on holidays before but this was our first time actually waking up together on Christmas and splitting time with our families. It was definitely an adjustment but it really made me feel married. 

11. Mostly stuck to my monthly mini resolutions. You may or may not have realized that I set a mini resolution for each month and was tracking the results here. I did it for the first time in 2016 and it worked out so well for me to set small, attainable goals that I did it again in 2017. Still trying to decide if I'll keep it going in 2018.

See, 2017 was a big year for me! I love writing these posts as a fun way to reminisce and keep a record of each year. Hope you have a wonderful and safe NYE! Thank you so much for stopping by to read and hope to see you back here in 2018!

xo Catherine 

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