Things I Like Vol. 34

December 13, 2017

Oddly enough our streak of having plans has continued this week and will keep on going into the weekend. That's the holidays I guess! We have drinks with a friend who's in town tonight, I have a wreath-making party tomorrow night and then we have our second annual CalTrain pub crawl on Saturday. We leave to go home a week from tomorrow so we're trying to pack in seeing all of our friends and do all of the holiday things here before we go. It all makes me so happy though :)

1. You may remember me mentioning the Netflix original A Christmas Prince in last week's Things I Like. Well this week I saw this Hallmark movie drinking game floating around Facebook and it totally applies to A Christmas Prince (and probably most Hallmark-esque holiday movies). This would be so fun to invite your girlfriends over to play this and drink wine and eat cheese. Anyone want to come over and participate in the aforementioned evening? ;)

2. Have you seen Jenna Lyons' new apartment in NYC? Not totally my style but still fun to drool over. 

3. Quite possibly the coziest coat I've ever seen and is now my dream coat. 

4. The Southern California wildfires are so devastating but amongst all of that awfulness there is this man who went above and beyond to save a wild rabbit from the flames. I'm not crying, you're crying. 

5. Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ellen Degeneres' resident president expert give you Hamilton in three minutes

6. Did you see Time's Person of the Year? So much respect for all of these men and women.

Be sure to come back on Friday because things are getting festive!
xo Catherine 

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