Finding My Niche

April 2, 2013

I recently had a revelation. I realized that I spend approximately 50%, if not more, of my day thinking about Fashion. Thinking about what I'm wearing, what other people are wearing, what I'm going to wear tomorrow, what I wish I could afford, things I've seen that I want to buy, outfits that inspire me, thinking about Fashion bloggers etc. It was with this revelation that I decided that I really want to find my blogging niche. In order to do that I'm probably going to steer most of my posts towards the Fashion aspect of my title. You've probably already realized that it's what I'm most passionate about and what I do tend to post about most frequently. I just thought I would share my thinking with all of you lovely people! I won't completely do away with Friends, Fun and Food as they are some of my Favorite things (ha ha) and they consume a great deal of my life as well.

Here's to a little more Fashion in our lives!

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