Introduction Please

April 19, 2013

Welcome to My Inner Fabulous, formerly known as Friends Fun Fashion Food. This is my new official life + style blog. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me and who has helped along the way!

I figure since I have renamed by blog and declared myself primarily interested in fashion (as seen here) that I will reintroduce myself. My name is Catherine and this blog has become a much larger part of my life than I anticipated. Blogging has been a wonderful creative outlet for me and I am continually inspired. I am so excited about this relaunch, and I hope you guys are too! I am a current student chronicling my adventures...and my outfits! I have a love/hate relationship with Minneapolis (usually love). I have a passion for all things relating to dogs, romance, volleyball, shopping, pop culture, J. Crew, donuts and twinkle lights. I am so excited to start this journey on my new blog! 

Please follow My Inner Fabulous by email or feel free to keep up with me on Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram. For those of you who are previous followers, you should continue to get emails when I post. If that is not the case, please let me know so I can fix it! 

I hope you stick around a while! 

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