Spring Jam Weekend

April 29, 2013

This weekend was pretty crazy! It was Spring Jam, which is our last hurrah before finals. There was so much going on, and the whole weekend was packed with fun :) Here are some pictures:

It got up to 79 degrees, maybe even warmer. After the last week we had, this felt HOT (not complaining!)

I went crazy with the grapefruit this weekend, I ate four of them.

 Went to Lake Harriet on Friday with good friends since the weather was ah-mazing. Tank top: J. Crew (old). Pants: Banana Republic. Sunnies: Target. Purse: Coach (old). Belt: Target. Shoes: Sperry.  Bracelet: J. Crew. Watch: Fossil. 

After walking around Lake Harriet, we headed over to Sebastian Joe's for some of their famous raspberry chocolate chip ice cream!

My roommate and I tried honey and avocado face masks...I learned that I am allergic to avocados...

Went with friends to the Holi festival for Spring Jam.

Went to the sculpture garden to take pictures for an outfit post (will be posted tomorrow!)

In addition to all of this craziness I went to the Mat Kearney concert for Spring Jam and had a blast! It was a great weekend--definitely had my last hurrah before finals. 

Happy Monday!

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