Northeast Minneapolis

April 9, 2013

This past weekend I tried out some Fun new restaurants and shops in Northeast Minneapolis. We know I love to explore this wonderful city, so I thought I'd share some of my new finds with you guys! I had a donut (established as my favorite food) for breakfast at Sarah Jane's Bakery.

Image Credit: Steven's Honor Board

The donut was good, but I need to remember to get there earlier next time! They open at 5am, so it was pretty picked over by the time we got there around 10:30. 

After breakfast we strolled down Johnson street into some Fun shops. First we browsed around A Bag Lady. I didn't buy anything, but there was a lot of jewelry, accessories etc to look through!

Next was thrift shopping (I'm gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket...okay I'm done) at Rewind. I'll have to keep this place in mind the next time I need acid washed denim, or leather pants!

Image Credit: Rewind Minneapolis Blog

Then was on  to lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant Dragon City Cafe, though not in Northeast. This is my high school volleyball coach's family restaurant and I am its unofficial ambassador! You guys have to go and try the wontons! 

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