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April 11, 2013

Here's something you should know about me...I love my room (at school). After living at home where my walls are the color of wine paired with a green quilt and white carpet...then going to share a dorm with three other girls...I could not wait to decorate my room in my new apartment. I spent all of last summer crafting. Seriously, I was obsessed. JoAnn Fabrics and Goodwill were my regular haunts. I even have a craft drawer at school:

My room is full of the summer's handiwork, like here:

Canvas jewelry hangers. 

And here:

You should know, my room is quite literally as big as some closets I've seen (not kidding, here's looking at you Parade of Homes houses). Nonetheless I love it and I think I've done a good job of making it homey. I just thought you wonderful people may like to see where I usually blog from! This is where the magic happens (yes, I did just say that)...

People make fun of how many pillows I have (seven), especially since my bed is so tiny (though I'll have you know it's a twin XL). I'm just dreaming of a day when I can kick it up a notch...yeah, I'm talking full size status. 

And of course it's not complete without twinkle lights!

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