January 4, 2016

Sweater: Loft. Jeans: Gap. Booties: Sole Society (similar). Purse: Tory Burch. Necklace: Loft (similar). Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Happy 2016! Can you believe it? We're back in California after two weeks at home. It was so much fun to be home, but we missed our apartment, and each other! Both of our families live in the Twin Cities so we each stayed with our respective families and didn't see a ton of each other over the two weeks, which felt strange. We definitely had a lot of time with friends and family though, which is what's important. 

Now, about this sweater, it's ah-mazing. I was browsing in Loft and came across this beautifully fuzzy gem. I didn't have a ton of clothes home with me either (living out of a suitcase!) so you'll see this sweater again this week. 

Hope your first week back after break isn't too painful!
xo Catherine


  1. That's so nice you got a little taste of winter, but get to be back in the nice Cali weather! Super jealous :) That Loft sweater was a great find, and looks so cozy!

    1. We're pretty lucky that we get the best of both worlds :) I'm glad you like the sweater because I'm obsessed with it!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Yes, spending loads of time with family and friends is important, but don't forget about each other! <3

    The sweater looks so fuzzy! Every time I get fuzzy sweaters like these, the fuzziness honestly gets everywhere! It sort of feels like cat hair. Does it happen to you too? :3
    I'm eyeing your boots! I'm sort of on the hunt for comfy booties.

    1. It normally does happen to me too, but surprisingly this one doesn't shed! I was so excited :) thanks for stopping by Nada!


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