Red and Navy and Mountains

January 25, 2016

Vest: J. Crew. Sweater: Gap. Jeans: Gap. Boots: Hunter. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban. Mittens: Macy's (similar). Hat: Forever 21(similar). Coat: Topshop (similar). Scarf: Gap (similar). 

This may just be my favorite outfit ever. I know I've said that before, but I'm updating it to this one. You can't really beat this background. Because I grew up in Minnesota, without mountains, I'm so in awe of them. I mean, I know most people are, but I'm just not used to them. We're surrounded by mountains here in Silicon Valley, but they're small and brown, so it was so awesome to see snowcapped ones in Tahoe. I'll finally post my recap of our trip on Wednesday, so be sure to stop by!

Our weekend was very relaxed, which was nice because we have a lot of craziness coming up in the next month. Two different weekends we have guests coming, the super bowl is being played a mile away from us, we're moving (we finally signed a lease!!), and I'm taking a trip to Arizona. It's going to be kind of nuts, but I'm excited!

Hope you had a great weekend, thanks for stopping by!
xo Catherine

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