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July 31, 2017

Hi friend :) today I wanted to catch up with you! My goal here is to always be personable and make it feel like we're catching up over a coffee (or chai latte in my case). So because I can't have a coffee date with everyone here's what I'd tell you if I was sitting across from you at Caribou. I'm from MN after all ;)

Wedding stuff: Still ticking along with lots of wedding things and having a great time doing it. I still don't feel like it's consumed our lives. Mark and I actually barely talk about it because he wants me to do whatever I want😂 I could definitely talk about it all day though but I try to restrain myself unless someone is specifically asking me about it. So let's pretend you are asking, okay? :) We're almost ready to send out invites! They're all assembled and ready to go but we're just waiting until it's August to send them. I can't wait! I know not everyone can make it but I worry I'll take it personally every time someone RSVPs no which I know is ridiculous. I'll share photos of our invite suite in the next month or so. They turned out so well!

I'm headed home for a dress fitting this weekend and I'm so nervous to see my it! One, I haven't seen it since November, and two the one they had in store was a blush color and I ordered it in ivory so I'm terrified I won't like it. 

We're working on picking out things for out of town guest bags. I'd love to hear if you have any ideas you've seen/experienced and loved!

I just started working with our stationer on day of stationary (programs, menus, escort cards, etc.) so I'm very excited to get those designed. My favorite parts have definitely been all the design aspects that will set the tone for the day. I've mentioned this before but I'm trying to make sure everything is personal and pretty but don't want anything to be too Pinteresty.

The one thing that's kind of hanging us up is choosing our first dance song. Believe it or not we don't have a song after all these years and it feels like a lot of pressure to pick one!

What we're watching: The Americans. Okay so this is one of my favorite topics of conversation. Definitely a very 2017 thing but I love talking about TV. You can pretty much always assume someone has a current show so it's fun to talk about. We started The Americans (it's available on Prime) a couple weeks ago and we love it. We've recently watched The Fall (so good but pretty messed up) and The Handmaid's Tale (also good but messed up). 

What I'm reading: Who Thought This was a Good Idea? Another favorite topic of conversation is what people are reading. I just started this book and am loving it so far. It's written by a former Obama Deputy Chief of Staff and she's hilarious. Honestly I've LOLed so many times already!

Life in general: Life is good :) outside of wedding stuff we don't have a whole lot going on. Just trying to enjoy the summer while it lasts! My sister and I are getting bachelorette plans shaped up and I'm starting to get very very excited for that. It'll be so great to have all my favorite ladies in the same place!

Well that's all there is to report around here! Hope your week flies by!

xo Catherine 

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