Things I Like Vol. 14

July 5, 2017

How was your long weekend?? I'm so sad to be back at work today after the most amazing four days of fun and relaxation. The weekend was the perfect mix of activity and relaxing at home. On Saturday we celebrated my birthday a few weeks late since we'd both been sick on the actual day. We headed up to Loma Prieta which is a winery up in the Santa Cruz mountains. It was absolutely stunning, you could even see the ocean from there! Then we had dinner at Black Sheep Brasserie in Willow Glen to cap off the day of celebrations. Sunday I spent the day with a good friend shopping and eating. Two of my faves :) Monday and Tuesday were mostly spent hanging out at home with a couple of bike rides mixed in. The perfect balance of quality time with my favorite people and also alone time just relaxing. Here's hoping this three day week flies by!

1. This one's for all my nasty women: Nasty Hands. I just ordered this hand lotion and you can choose from a few awesome charities that 100% of the profits will benefit! Now I want to order it for all the fabulous ladies in my life.

2. There's a new music video for Immigrants (We Get the Job Done) which is one of the songs from The Hamilton Mixtape. The video is very powerful. I had chills!

3. Are you familiar with Everlane? I feel like this brand is all the rage among bloggers right now. I've never purchased anything from them but am thinking this striped shirt dress may change that. The quality is supposed to be pretty great for the price!

4. An interesting read from a woman who lost 40 pounds after moving to Japan and doing as the locals do.

5. Loved this article for how to dress like you're in Dirty Dancing today. Particularly loved that so many of the things are in style right now! 

6. Really wanting to pull the trigger on this flowy $23 maxi dress that is giving me all of the honeymoon vibes!

7. Here's what we know so far about Jay Z's response to Beyonce's Lemonade.

Have a great week!
xo Catherine

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