Things I Like Vol. 17

July 26, 2017

It's the last week of July and that's madness. I'm not complaining because I have so many exciting things coming up (a trip home, my bachelorette, fall, our wedding, just to name a few!) so I'm kind of loving how fast time is flying. This week has been a productive one at work so I'm feeling good. Obviously happy we're halfway through though :) I'm here with my weekly pick-me-up (or pick-you-up in this case) of Things I Like!

1. This new to me brush that's supposed to be good for detangling hair. I don't know about you but I always dread showering because I have to untangle my hair afterwards. I learned about this brush from Krista's blog (one of my favorites!) and ordered it because it's $9 so why not even? I won't say it's life changing or anything, but it's definitely better than what I was using before!

2. I've been following along on Stacy's journey since the beginning (because she used to live in SF) and am still loving her Instagram several months later. She and her husband are doing a year long trip around the world. She's very glamorous and I'm so jealous! They started in South America, were just in Asia and have now jumped to Europe. Definitely worth a follow.

3. Man Repeller nails it with this story on the latest Insta-trend😂 Make sure you get to the list at the bottom!

4. Pretty much want this bell-sleeved eyelet dress in every color. And that's saying something since I'm not 100% into the trend.

5. Okay, so you know how I promised not to talk about the Nordstrom Sale again this year, well I'm breaking that promise and you can skip to #6 if you're so inclined :) I just had to tell you about the Sam Edelman knee high boots at Nordstrom Rack that look almost identical to the ones from the Nsale but are 2/3 the price!

6. Tips for how to approach someone you want to be friends with. Why is it SO SCARY? 

Hope you have a great (and quick) rest of your week!
xo Catherine 

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