Recent Reads Vol. 11

July 10, 2017

How was your weekend? We were pretty busy over here. We assembled wedding invites (!!!), went and saw The Big Sick (go see it!) and then yesterday I spent the afternoon at a local art fair with a friend. Such a fun summer weekend! Now onto the good part: the books!

Good as Gone. This book was pretty good, not the best ever but it kept me entertained. It was kind of similar to She's Not There that I talked about in the last Recent Reads post. The premise is that a 13 year old girl goes missing and then several years later someone claiming to be that girl comes back home. Her family is so happy to have her home but as time goes on some things don't make sense and a lot of questions are raised. Warning that this one is a bit disturbing. Would I recommend: meh. If you're looking for a suspenseful quick read this is your book but I wouldn't say you need to add it to your list ASAP. 

I'm Glad about You. Kyle and Alison were high school sweethearts who went their separate ways in college but keep running into each other over the years. They never quite get over one another. The story follows them throughout the years doing their own thing and then running into each other sporadically. Honestly, not a whole lot happens in this book but I actually really enjoyed it. The characters were interesting enough that I was excited to pick it up every time. Would I recommend: yes, this would be the perfect beach read. 

The Couple Next Door. This was the new Girl on the Train last year and it was finally available at the library. I feel a bit late to the party but can finally say I've read it. A couple's baby goes missing while they're at their neighbors house. The story tries to dig into what happened to the baby and ends up revealing that pretty much everyone involved is hiding something. I'll be honest, I don't think this one lived up to the hype but it was quite good and there were some unpredictable twists and turns. Would I recommend: yes, I think this one is worth the read!

Into the Water. I mentioned this one a little bit already on the blog but this was Paula Hawkins' new book. It's told from the perspective of 8 or 9 people so it took me half the book to remember and figure out who was who but once I got that down I really liked it. It's about a small town in England where several women have died in "the drowning pool" in a nearby river. After the most recent death there is an investigation into if and how all of the deaths are linked. Would I recommend: for sure! This was a really good one.

That's it for this edition but if you want more recommendations and reviews you can find past Recent Reads posts here!

Up next for me is The Wicked City and so far I'm loving it! What are you reading?

xo Catherine 

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