Can't Live Without Products

August 28, 2017

Working title: My Ride or Die Products😂 As I think I've mentioned before, Krista's blog is one of my favorites and I was inspired by a post she did last week where she shared products she uses every day. So here we are today with my version! Obviously I can live without these things but they're all products I reach for every day without fail. 

1. Sparkling water. Up until about a year ago this wouldn't have been on the list but I decided to give it a try last summer and have become a big fan. In my quest to drink more water fun sparkling options make it so much easier to get in some extra h2o.

2. Gummy fish oil and hair/nail vitamins. I start every day with these and it feels like a fun little treat! I honestly can't say that I've seen any sort of results from these products but I enjoy taking them, so I keep buying them. Oops. 

3. Lip balm. Unfortunately I'm addicted to lip balm and always need to have some nearby. My favorites are Blistex and Supergoop's Acai lip balm. I probably have around 25 lip balms between all of my purses, desk, nightstand, etc. 

4. Essie's Gel Couture nail polishes. I like to always have my nails painted and this stuff is my go to because I can go nearly two weeks before I have to repaint!

5. My kindle. I read 99% of my books on my Kindle through the library and bring it pretty much every where with me. I always hope that I'll have an extra few minutes to read. 

6. My water bottle. Another must for me in order to drink more water daily is to always have a water bottle with me. The one pictured is S'ip by S'well and it's pretty good in terms of keeping water cold for long periods of time (plus it's cute). I also have a Mira, which is a knockoff of S'well and does a really good job. I keep one at work and one at home so I always have one around!

7. A lint roller. This one is kind of comical but I really can't live without lint rollers. It drives me nuts to be covered in dog hair and the like. I even keep one in my desk at work😂

What are the products you reach for every day?

xo Catherine 

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