Things I Like Vol. 19

August 9, 2017

I had such a nice weekend in Minnesota and it's safe to say it wasn't enough time! I flew into MN late Friday night and left Sunday night. I had my dress fitting and then ran a bunch of errands with my mom and sister. It was fun to talk wedding stuff and even do some wedding DIYs with them! I'm happy that this week is already halfway over because I still feel like I'm catching up on life after only two days away. Let's hop to it, shall we?

1. Animal compilations are a weakness of mine. I just love them all so much! This Buzzfeed roundup was especially LOLable. 

2. An interesting read about a woman who buys and sells Hermès bags. She just sold the most expensive handbag ever! Can you guess how much it cost? 😱

3. I really don't need another pair of slip on mules...but this Soludos pair is so fun and summery! 

4. I've always loved Stephanie's prints and it made me smile to see her new dog lover collection. I may need to buy one to put over Louie's bowl! 

5. I always click when I see someone write about not eating sugar for X amount of time. It's definitely because I may indulge in sugar a little too frequently (pretty much just chocolate) and want to learn their ways. Anyway, I enjoyed this article by The Everygirl about quitting sugar for a week. It's even inspired me to not have any dessert the past two days. That's a big deal for this girl!

6. Millennials are buying homes for their dogs not their kids or marriages😂 seems about right. Mark and I always talk about how we want more space for Louie. 

7. These book sets are so pretty and deserve to be displayed! I found them originally through Mackenzie's blog and want several sets! Mark still doesn't understand using books as
decorations...we'll get there ;)

8. Ooooh Halo Top just released new flavors! I want to try Candy Bar😏

Happy Wednesday!
xo Catherine 

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