Things I Like Vol. 21

August 23, 2017

Happy Wednesday! I'm all mixed up on my days because I normally play volleyball on Tuesdays but we didn't have a game last night so now I think today should be Friday. Ugh. At least we're halfway there! 

1. Loved this challenge to stop fibbing. We all do it. I know I do especially when there's some event I don't want to go to. There's no harm in just saying I don't want to go but I'll make up an excuse. Let's all just be honest!

2. Grace is the cutest and one of my favorite bloggers. She nailed it with this 73 questions video like Vogue does! Love her even more now. 

3. For all my millennials out there: Aly and AJ just released a new song😂

4. Remember how I mentioned yesterday that Hunter boots are a great staple for fall? Well if you're looking for a pair there are a ton for 40% off here!

That's all I've got for you today, guys! I guess I didn't spend as much time on the internet this week😂 probably a good thing!

xo Catherine 

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