Things I Like Vol. 20

August 16, 2017

 Volume 20...can you believe we've been at it for 20 weeks? I hope you're still enjoying these weekly posts because I have a fun time gathering things to share throughout the week!

1. Loved this post from Krystin of Suburban Faux Pas about her designer handbag collection. I do not have the budget for any of these bags, but a girl can dream and gawk, right? 😍

2. How the smartphone has destroyed a generation. A long but very interesting read! Would highly recommend when you have the time to sit down with this. 

4. Leonardo DiCaprio will be playing his namesake Leonardo da Vinci in an upcoming movie and that is just so great because well, it's Leo!

5. Have you ever seen a prettier dress? Wish I had an upcoming tea or garden party to attend!

6. This blue and white jumpsuit is super cute and only $65!

7. Did you know Aziz Ansari has pretty much deleted the internet from his life? Apparently technology and the affect it has on our lives is on my mind recently (see #2)! I don't think I could go as far as he did but it would be interesting to try.

I feel like I need to also say that this has been an awful week to be an American. The events that happened in Charlottesville are obviously not something I like. I do appreciate how it seems like more people are really coming together to denounce the hatred that was displayed. This blog is a happy place but to ignore the awful things that happened and are still happening felt like an injustice. Here are some things you can do/places you can donate to if you'd like. 

xo Catherine 

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