Things I Like Vol. 10

May 31, 2017

How was your long weekend? I'm so pumped that it's already halfway through the week! Our MDW was very laid back. I kind of love long weekends without plans. We watched a few movies, did some shopping, went wedding band shopping (so fun!) and I read a book or two - very relaxing! Okay, on to the internet things I'm liking ;)

1. I love Jean (Extra Petite) on Instagram but don't actually read her blog very often. A friend of mine sent me this post last week and I immensely enjoyed it. Jean and her husband broke down the art of asking a stranger to take your photo. It's informative and funny!

2. My friend was on a role and also sent me this article that made my heart happy. Do you remember hearing this riddle as a kid? 

3. Okay, I read this article about how having an obnoxious online presence (ahem, social media) is having affects on real life friendships and it's so interesting. I sincerely hope that the people that do know me in real life do not find me too obnoxious on social media. I am aware that what I post about is not of interest for most people and that's cool, they don't have to follow if they don't want to. I feel like I have to say that what I choose to share on social is mostly just the highlights. I stage photos and get dressed up for pictures because I enjoy it and love the creativity that goes into creating beautiful images, but it's not what real life actually looks like around these parts. When I get home from work I immediately put my cozies on, I take 30 pictures of the exact same thing before getting the *perfect* shot to post on Instagram, we stay in most weekends, our apartment isn't finished being decorated and probably never will be, we don't make our bed every get the picture. Anyway, all this to say that I love creating content but just want to make sure you know that my life is not glamorous or perfect at all. End rant.

4. This Buzzfeed article about what Dan Stevens really looked like while filming Beauty and the Beast is hilarious! I don't know how Emma Watson took him seriously.

5. Have you watched the new Love Actually mini-movie? All of the feels. Just for fun, here's a roundup of fun facts about the original movie. It's making me wish it was Christmas! Love Actually is a classic 'round these parts and even Mark enjoys doesn't hate it!

6. Loved this roundup of Trips you Should Take in Your Lifetime. I am very blessed to have taken several of the ones on this list but would love to make it 10 for 10!

Hope your short week is whizzing by my friends!
xo Catherine 

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