Black Bell Sleeved Blouse

May 8, 2017

You may or may not remember that I struggle with finding blouses that I like. Well tops with fun details are all the rage right now so I basically have my pick of the litter. I wanted to dabble in the voluminous sleeve trend but didn't want something too outlandish, i.e. not being able to eat without getting food all over your sleeve. So I was pretty excited when I found this little number this weekend. The cropped sleeve and the fairly tame bell shape keep it cute and still functional! This blouse would be great for work or you could dress it up for a night out. I'm so bad at choosing "going out clothes," so this will be a real lifesaver for those rare occasions! ;) 

This weekend was a good one and went by way too fast. I did some shopping on Saturday and then had the apartment to myself which is always a treat. Give me all of the Gilmore Girls (Mark hates that show)! Then yesterday was so beautiful out that we went over to Los Gatos to walk around this flat trail we had heard was really beautiful. Well we couldn't find the right trail and ended up on a full-blown hike, which if you know me is not my thing. I'm not sure why we kept going, but we did for a good hour with Lou! Eventually he told us it was time to go home so we acquiesced. First we treated ourselves to tuna melts and croissants though ;)

Hope you had a great weekend!
xo Catherine

Fun Fact: I am not an outdoor girl. You've probably gathered this by now but I really do not love being out in nature, unless it's tropical nature! Camping is my nightmare. Thankfully Mark isn't huge on the outdoors either so we're a match made in heaven on that front! 

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