Things I Like Vol. 6

May 3, 2017

Happy Wednesday! It has been h.o.t. here in San Jose this week. I'm talking 90 May! What's funny too is that the locals are all saying things like "finally!" and I'm just over here like this is not normal May weather, you guys. It's like we jumped right into summer headfirst. Anyway, enough about that. Let's get to the good stuff!

If you're an avid blog reader and Instagram user you may have noticed that the bots are out in full force. This company is starting to work with brands to show them what percentage of a blogger's following is real vs. bots. This should be interesting to see how this plays out for the future of blogging!

Okay, can we all agree the the Fyre Fest fiasco was totally captivating? Yes? Okay, good. Sometimes I just really love the internet, like how people responded to Bella Hadid's apology. So random. Here's one more entertaining read about the whole thing if you're up for it!

Quite possibly the coolest proposal picture of all time.

It's always fun to look at who can be the most outrageous at The Met Gala. I think we can safely say this year it was Rhianna. 

Get your tissues ready: Jimmy Kimmel's monologue about his newborn son's heart condition is heart-wrenching. 

Another tearjerker, Allure has been putting out some really amazing content lately that lets some pretty inspiring women share their stories about how their scars do not define them. 

This girl made a matching prom dress for her dog and it is goals. 

Seriously wish that Draper James had sales because if they did I would snatch up this hydrangea dress in a heartbeat! It's so summery and adorable but just a liiitle too pricey. 

Also on the shopping front this lace midi from Loft (the one from my Insta story last weekend) is all kinds of amazing. Unfortunately it didn't fit me but I'm thinking of ordering it in a size up to see if that works. I can't stop thinking about it!

Hope your week is flying by friends!
xo Catherine


  1. I hate and love that Draper James never has sales! They have so many pretty things but I'm like ugghhh I need 25% off!

    The Adored Life

    1. Agreed! I would probably buy everything if they had a sale!


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