Wedding Planning Update

May 12, 2017

I know some of you probably aren't into wedding things so feel free to skip this post if that's the case! If you are, however, into wedding things then today is right up your alley! I feel like I haven't talked about where we're at with wedding plans in a while so here's a little update.

We're right on schedule! According to my planner's timeline, that is. We have most of the big vendors squared away. There are only one or two we're behind on because we're waiting to meet with vendors in person. My good friends is getting married in about a month back in Minnesota so we decided to make a long weekend out of it to get in some meetings. We've already got a very packed schedule!

One of the things I'm most excited about on that trip is cake tasting! As I've mentioned before I am a huge dessert fiend so the idea of having to taste cake is thrilling ;) We went back and forth about whether we wanted to do a different kind of dessert but decided it was way easier to just stick with cake.

Our menu is semi picked out. We ordered our invitations so we needed to at least know the entrees to put on the invites! You may be wondering why on earth we'd be ordering invites when we're still five months out, well let me explain! My wonderful wedding planner owns her own stationary business with her best friend (The Making 89) so they're doing our invites. They did our save the dates too (pictured below!) which turned out so beautifully and we got a ton of compliments on them! Anyway, they're MN-based so the invites, once they're done, will be in Minnesota and it's quite expensive to ship everything out to us. Well since we're going to be home already in June I thought it would be best to have them ready to go and we could just pick them up then. I'm a bit of a control freak and want to put the invitation suites together and mail them ourselves :)
We picked a florist about a month ago and I'm already so excited to work with her! We'll be meeting for the first time when we're home in June and I can't wait to talk all things design. We're finally into the phase of planning where we're picking things out that will decide the overall vibe for the reception, e.g. florals, food, linens. 

Another big thing happening in June is that my dress will be ready for pickup! I'm so excited/nervous. I haven't seen it in over six months so crossing my fingers I still love it just as much as I did in November. I have a hair and makeup trial setup in June too so I'll be able to put my dress on and get the whole picture! There will probably be tears. I'm still not totally sure what I want to do on the hair and makeup front. I know I want to wear my hair up so I don't have to deal with it throughout the day but I haven't quite decided on what style. When it comes to makeup I'm at a total loss though. I had my makeup done for our engagement pictures and my mom, sister and Mark all didn't love it because I looked way different than I normally do. I think it'll be a fine line between looking more done up than my everyday routine while still looking like myself.

I'm also starting to pick out accessories which has been oh so fun. I already got my shoes and have been ordering some earrings to try. My dress is kind of a statement maker so I don't want to overdo it with accessories. I will be wearing a veil though and my sister is actually going to make it for me.

Last but not least we're starting to plan my bachelorette in Napa! We'll be going over Labor Day weekend to take advantage of everyone's time off. We still have a while but I'm itching to get everything all planned now because that is just who I am :) my sister joked that I would enjoy it more if I planned my own party 😬

Okay well that was just a huge brain dump of all things wedding, hope it was semi-entertaining for you! I am still immensely enjoying the planning process and could probably write a million posts about it but I'll limit myself to the occasional rambling update so as not to bore you ;)

Have a fab weekend!
xo Catherine 

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