Things I Like Vol. 8

May 17, 2017

Happy Wednesday friends! This week has been going by in a blur for me. Things are getting really busy at work, I had volleyball playoffs last night (sounds a lot more intense than it actually is 😂), and the weeks just generally keep zooming by. Not complaining though, everything is really good around here :)

1. I can't get enough of this statement earring trend we're in the midst of. As you can see above my collection is growing! From left to right here are the pairs pictured: red tassel earrings, gold bon bon drop earrings, crystal statement earrings, turquoise crispin drops, gold tassel earrings

2. Can we all just agree that Wendy's is killing it in the social media game? Here's a roundup of their best online encounters. 

3. Speaking of social media, there was something called the #BowWowChallenge that happened last week which was hilarious. Stars, they try to make their lives seem better than they are IRL too!

4. Remember how last week we talked about the best frozen pizzas, well Thrillist is back with a ranking of all the Lacroix flavors. Have to say that I do not agree with #1 and also I have never seen the cola flavor but it sounds disgusting and I want to try it nonetheless. What's your fave Lacroix flavor?

5. You guys! My talented friend Kara made it to the next round of The Essie's nail art competition! Help a girl out and go give her a vote

6. All my dog mom's (and dad's too for that matter) this one goes out to you😂 These girls hit the nail on the head with their rap. It sums up just how obsessed I am with my dog. #noshame

7. Loved this Buzzfeed roundup of things people who are younger than 14 will never understand. I'm a total sucker for click bait lists and this one nails it. 

Hope your week is going well and just remember that there are only two more days until it's Friday!

xo Catherine 

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