Things I Like Vol. 9

May 24, 2017

I'll keep the intro short and sweet today because I stayed up too late watching Billions last night😯. Whoops. On to the links!

1. Going to start us off with an aww on this Wednesday morning: This guy found two adorable puppies while he was out in the middle of the desert and they became a little traveling family!

2. I have to give some love to the Twin Cities because they were just named the fittest city (we'll let it slide that they think Minneapolis and St. Paul are the same city😂) in the US! Go MN!

3. A really powerful piece of art went up in Venice that also shows the impacts of climate change. 

4. What happens when you're a woman getting married with no close girlfriends? You ask your bros to be bridesmaids, that's what.

5. Have you seen the 73 Questions with series by Vogue? It's a fun one if you haven't. Their latest is with Aziz Ansari. Love him so much! Also very excited to learn that season two of Master of None is out. I know what we'll be doing with our long weekend!

6. As you're probably well aware I am not only obsessed with my own dog but pretty much every dog I've ever seen. These tweets about dogs are so spot on😂. I was texting a bunch of them to Mark as I read them.

7. Oh em gee the new arrivals at J. Crew Factory. So much summery goodness on sale! I will probably be pulling the trigger on a couple things this week! Perhaps this watermelon skirt, this linen striped dress, this summery polka dot sweater, this perfect summer cardigan, these simple but stunning earrings, or this watermelon one piece. I simply cannot decide! 

Halfway there guys, halfway!
xo Catherine 

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