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January 12, 2018

We have so much to catch up on! I don't think I've done a life lately post since before the wedding. How have you been? I hope you all had amazing holidays and are crushing your resolutions if you made any. Hard to believe we're already done with week two of 2018. I'm feeling extra sad about the holidays being over this year. Our apartment just looks downright sad these days without all of the festive decorations. We're not really sure if we're staying in our apartment or not though so I haven't wanted to put any work into decorating it. Let's catch up more below the jump!

Readjusting from: The holidays. We went home for ten days over Christmas and stayed with both of our families. This was our first year where we stayed together. Normally I would stay at my Mom's and he with his parents (they live 10 minutes apart). It was so great to be home (and have a white Christmas!) but it was kind of exhausting. There are so many people to see that we had plans pretty much every day we were there. 

We also flew with Louie which is always a stressful event. He's actually really well behaved because we sedate him but we're always worried he's going to bark at everyone or something that we're pretty on edge for the whole trip. On our way home to MN we had already sedated him and boarded the plane when we found out that there was ice on the wings of the plane and San Jose's one deicing machine was broken. So...we had to wait two hours for the sun to come up and melt the ice. I kid you not. Everyone laughed when the pilot said that thinking he was kidding and when we realized he wasn't Mark and I just looked at each other in horror. 😂 Why they let us board the plane I have no idea. The fact that we had to sit on there for an extra two hours and had already given Lou his meds was so stressful. We were worried the sedation would wear off for the last two hours and he would be bouncing off the walls. Thankfully, he was an angel but suffice it to say we hate flying with him haha. 

Living: that married life. This is definitely the question I got most when we were home for Christmas. To be honest, married life feels a lot like life before we were married but just a bit giddier. I'm probably not supposed to say that but since we lived together before the wedding and because I didn't change my name there weren't any huge changes that affected our everyday lives. When I say giddier I mean that we like to call each other husband and wife and buy Mr. and Mrs. things and have a grand old time doing it. #LOL. The thing that makes me feel the most married though is seeing Mark in his wedding ring. He was never one for jewelry and spent a while trying to convince me to let him get a silicone wedding ring so the fact that he's now wearing his classic silver ring just makes my heart so happy whenever I see it or hold his hand. I think I've mentioned this before but I felt like we timed the wedding perfectly. Right after we got back from our honeymoon we had the holidays and all of the fun that comes with them to look forward to. I'm not sure if I would have had the post-wedding blues but having my favorite time of year be five weeks after our wedding definitely helped!

Seeing: Tons of movies. This has been the theme of our lives lately. We typically watch and go see a lot of movies this time of year because I'm pretty into the awards circuit. This year is even better though because of something called Movie Pass. Have you heard of it? It's too good to be true. You sign up for $9.99 a month and can get one movie ticket a day every single day. It's only at select theaters, but it's pretty much all of the big chains and includes all of the theaters near us. The logistics are a little weird and the app is a POS but it's such a great deal that we're taking advantage of it while we can. Here are some of the movies we've seen lately: Molly's Game, Call Me by Your Name, Darkest Hour, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Lady Bird, Mudbound, Stronger, Dunkirk, and Victoria & Abdul. There are still so many on our list and hopefully we can see a few over this coming long weekend. 

Watching: Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This has been our binge show for the past couple of months and it's been so fun to binge a comedy. Normally we're all about drama but we're obsessed with Nine-Nine. It took a couple episodes to get a feel for the show and characters but then we were laughing our asses off every episode. It's so well done and we quote it all the time. We've even watched two Die Hard movies to get more of the references😂. I'd highly recommend if you're looking for a new show. It's on Hulu!

Reading: He Said/She Said. My most recent book was He Said/ She Said and it's so suspenseful and good! I was continuously surprised by the plot twists. Whether that's a testament to my lack of sleuthing skills or the good writing I don't know😂 I think it was good writing though!  I'll do a full review in my next Recent Reads post. 

Working Out: with BBG. I know, I know, I'm a cliché. I started BBG on January first and tomorrow will be the end of week two. It's a twelve week program and I don't want to set myself up for disappointment or failure but so far I've stuck with it. I've even been waking up early to do it. I still hate working out and waking up even earlier than normal is the worst. It does feel good to get it out of the way and not have it hanging over my head all day though. I'll keep you posted as to whether I actually stick with it!

So that's what's new with me! This weekend I'm headed up to SF to hang out with a friend and we'll probably see some movies but not much more on the docket. Hope you have a great long weekend!

xo Catherine 

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