My Favorite Things We Registered For

January 19, 2018

Back today with some more wedding content - my favorite! I wanted to share the real MVPs among the things we registered for because I really struggled with the whole process. There was too much choice, I didn't even know where to start so hopefully I can shed some light on what we've loved in case any of you are registering. Obviously I love everything we got but there are a few items that have been particularly well loved in the few months since the wedding. We live in an apartment so we had to be really picky when picking items so that we didn't overwhelm our small space. Another struggle for us was that we obviously don't want to live in this small apartment forever so it was difficult to pick out nice things we could have for years when we don't know what spaces they'll be occupying. I stuck with all neutrals so that our pieces could work in any future home we have. Some of the things we got don't really go with our current apartment but will look amazing in my dream kitchen ;)

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1. Nice towels. I can't even tell you how luxurious these towels are, especially after switching from extremely cheap ones that always shed. Can't recommend these enough. They're fluffy and so so soft. 

2. The coziest blanket of all time. It's Louie's favorite (for good reason) and a staple on our couch. It's like you're draped in a big sweater. 

3. New pillows. We both desperately needed new pillows and these are top notch 👌the perfect in between too soft and too firm. 

4. An electric wine opener. This little baby is a game changer. Trust, you need it in your life. 

5. A nice knife block. Our old knives were basically all rusted (ew) so I was thrilled when we received these new, and chic, knives. I love the all silver look. 

6. Simple, chic dish ware. Our old plates were brown (ick) and we had a hodgepodge of stemware. We went with these stemless wineglasses, these stemmed wine glasses and this set of basic white plates

7. Our new bedding. I absolutely love the look of this linen duvet set and am so thrilled to have it. We registered for a king because we're manifesting the kingsized bed we want🤣 It looks ridiculously big right now on our queen bed but it's actually kind of nice to have extra bedding so no one is hogging all the blankets! Hopefully we'll get that king soon!

8. Our KitchenAid mixer. A classic registry staple and for good reason! We haven't used it a ton yet but it's been fun to play with when I do bake. I'm even just enjoying having this beauty on our counter. But oh how I agonized over what color to get. Can we agree there are just too many options and it makes it so hard? Total first world problem. I ended up sticking with a neutral "Metallic Chrome".

9. Pretty little things that sit on our countertops. I love these copper canisters, this marble tray that houses our butter dish, ramekins and salt and pepper shakers, our marble paper towel dispenser, our trifle bowl turned fruit bowl and this chic cutting board. All of these things are on display on our counters and they make me so happy to look at every day. I don't love our kitchen but these gorgeous accessories make me happy and keep things looking put together. 

Some non-traditional things you could also register for would be beach towels, coolers, board games, card tables, furniture and power tools. We simply did not have the space, but if you do don't be afraid to think outside of the linens and kitchenware box!

Hope this helps a little if you're in the same where-do-I-even-begin mentality as I was. Quality basics in neutral colors. That's my recommendation!
xo Catherine 

Images via Crate and Barrel and Macy's.


  1. I love the marble items and copper shakers! They were on my list too and love 'em!

    Sincerely, Jennie


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