Things I Like Vol. 37

January 17, 2018

What a life this little pup leads, amirite? I wish I could stay snuggled in bed all day every day. At least it's a short week though! Let's get through it together with some fun links. 

1. A friend sent this to me last week and I devoured it. 20 years after Titanic came out it looks back on all that went into making the famous movie.

2. Go CVS! Love their new initiative. 

3. Looking for the perfect LBD that has something a little extra special? I got you

4. Okay so I'm not one to get into mobile games but I was looking for something to pass the time the other day and remembered I had seen an ad for Covet Fashion. Lol, you guys, it's like digital barbies. You just make outfits and submit them to be voted on. It's pretty stupid but I kind of love it. If you're at all into fashion I'm sure you'd get a kick out of it ;) 

5. For my local readers next week is SF Restaurant Week and there are some pretty awesome deals. I loved this article that breaks down how to get the most for your money. I think we'll be planning a date night around this!

6. Loved Kristin's review of her designer shoe collection. I hope to amass such a pretty collection one day but in the meantime it's fun to read about which ones she thinks are worth it. 

7. I just heard about these "boot bra straps" that help to keep OTK boots up! Brilliant. Definitely thinking of giving these a try. 

Hope your week flies by!

xo Catherine 

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