Things I Like Vol. 38

January 24, 2018

Oof. I'm running on fumes today. My volleyball games went way late last night but I still woke up before work to do BBG. Wednesdays are turning out to be tough days for me because this keeps happening. Almost makes me want to start drinking coffee...almost ;) Let's get to it, shall we?

1. Royal wedding #2 this year! Not as excited about this one as Harry and Meghan's but such a fun event to look forward to. I'm excited to see who's invited and what everyone wears.

2. Speaking of the royals, it's been pretty funny to see all the debate about whether it's acceptable that Meghan has been wearing her hair in a messy bun. #thehorror

3. Loved Ellen Pompeo's interview about how she became the highest paid woman on primetime. 

4. I'd never seen this series by W Magazine until Carly shared it but I watched a ton of their videos and loved the Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence interview. For some reason I just love when celebrities are friends and talk about it. 

5. I found Chelsea's post on how to make it as a micro-influencer very interesting and so well written. Loved hearing her story of success. 

6. I've been seeing so many chic women in berets recently and it's making me want to try it out now! After seeing this pearl-studded one it pretty much sealed the deal. Adds to cart.

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful and flies by!
xo Catherine 

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