Things I Like Vol. 36

January 10, 2018

Welcome back to the first Things I Like post of 2018! I haven't really caught up with you guys yet this year but I have a Life Lately post in the works for Friday. Nothing major, but I'll just be sharing how our holidays were and what we're up to these days. So without further ado let's get to the things!

1. This is old now but I saw this story of this woman who accidentally texted Sarah Michelle Gellar her engagement announcement and Sarah's reaction was really cute.

2. You may remember that I read When Breath Becomes Air and loved it. That's probably the last book that made me cry actually. Anyway, if you read any blogs you're probably familiar with A Cup of Jo and it turns out that Joanna's twin sister was Paul Kalanithi's wife Lucy. Here Joanna shares a sweet update on her sister

3. So sweet. This woman has been doing ballet for 70 years despite most people thinking you can only be a ballerina into your 30's.

4. I'm not sure that I want to see The Greatest Showman, but the music is supposed to be really good. I definitely got all of the feels watching the cast hear the theme song This is Me for the first time.  

5. The Golden Globes were all kinds of amazing this year. So excited for the changes that are coming. #TimesUp

6. Like every other blogger I was in love the moment I saw this cozy fleece. Unfortunately it's quite expensive so I'm hoping for a sale this holiday weekend so I can snatch it up 😏

Hope your week is flying by! We're halfway to a three day weekend!

xo Catherine 

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